In this world, there are more than 7 billiard people. Facebook recently announced almost 2 billiards monthly active users. Therefore, there are so many different people, decisions, values, commitments and memories that we deal with every day.

Some of us want to oversleep early mornings but are somehow forced to start an early day. On the other hand, most of us just get used to it after some time.

So what is the secret about it? When should your day actually start? And what to do in order to be productive, happy and feel great whole the day?

First of all, we cannot know in advance what can happen at work, on our way to work, or with anything else that is not directly related to us. So many people, occasions and so much energy exists around us. But here is the great list what you can actually do, that is in your control:

1.       Whenever you wake up, visualize your perfect day and the best possible outcome. Now trust me, do it once more. Now I would kindly ask you to visualize your day with the even better outcome than the one before. So what is the difference? You see, it can be always better.

2.      What do you like most out of the morning? Is it coffee, jog, breakfast or just additional sleep? Just do it.

3.      Now when you visualize your perfect day and have positive energy, do something extra. What can increase your level of energy: small dance, good song, one cupcake? Threat every morning as your special day.

4.      Now when you are at the door thinking about another annoying day, think again about things which will make you happy that day : is that small talk with a friend, great interview, long expected review with director, small meeting, or just a gossip time with friends.

5.      You are closing the door. Try thinking about your role model or metaphor that suits you best. IT can be a quote, song, person, anything. From Oprah through Messi and Ronaldo to cartoon or real role models. Just repeat to yourself: ‘I can do it. I have every possible resource and it’s on me.’

The important limitation is to escape reading emails in the early mornings and looking notifications on your cell because anyways these things you can do it while going to work or immediately at the workplace.

Yours JO

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