There are moments when we feel we run the world. However, there are also some moments when feel down and when we stop enjoying each moment of life.

Just look back, how many times have you felt demotivated?

What do you do in those moments?

We know we are down. We are lost. Disoriented. Moreover, we do not know how to overcome that failure.

People will tell you come on, move on, and just stop thinking about your past. Therefore, here is the first failure of them all. Just freaking ignore other people’s pieces of advice, it’s YOUR life.

Say “Thank you” and switch the topic. Advice could influence you do things you really do not feel like doing. When you are demotivated, you can easily go ahead with things you really do not want. It is good to talk about it, but do ignore, straightforward, other opinions, because no one can decide for you.

Secondly, our brain does not accept any negations. So every time when we say to ourselves “just freaking stop it”, we give a contradictory signal to our brain to start doing those activities.

Can you remember how many times you’ve said to yourself “DO NOT DO IT”, DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT”, “DO NOT …”….

Just replace DO NOT with activity you really want TO DO. Here are a few examples:

  1. I want to stop smoking – I want to live healthier life.
  2. I do not want to be nervous anymore – I want to have a peaceful day at the work.

Thirdly, human brain does not make any differentiation between real actions and internal experience. What does it mean?

Think about any productive situation from your past. You have to be connected to your internal inner voice “I really want it”. Therefore, if you really want to do something in reality, brain can connect your desires, inner voices and internal actions to create experience like you already did it.

Imagine a situation that your greatest desire is to lose weight. The first step would clearly be to define, a POSITIVE connotation out of it. Secondly, create a long-term goal out of it. (I will write about this in my next blog, so stay tuned :)).

You want to be healthier and to feel better by exercising three times per week?

But let’s imagine for a second, what it really looks like.

Who are you with 10 pounds less? What do you see? How do you behave?  What do you do? Where are you?  What do you hear? How do you feel?

These questions are meant to create an internal experience that YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS. So that your brain knows you are capable of doing it. Please take 15 minutes to think about it. Write down your questions. Go through them a few times. Read them aloud every day for the following 21 days.

What else can you keep up with motivation you can read in one my previous blogs https://jovanaminic.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/tidal-stream/

Yours Jo

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