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My Story

I am certified Erickson Coach per ICF competencies, I have spent the last 5 years helping people gain career clarity and create fulfilled lives. I have generated almost 500 hours working with people on career and mindset topics, such as: discovering your special gift, industry pivot, job and career change, creation of dream career, increase in performance, getting managerial roles or promotions. Beyond this, we work on the mindset, on clearing all your mental blocks, changing beliefs and shifting mindset.

As a former recruiter and HR manager for startups and corporations with over a decade of experience, I’ve literally hired hundreds of candidates in various industries and developed thousands of career and performance plans. As a result, I learned exactly what works to get you among top applications for the job you are meant for. Secondly, I know what type of activities and strategies are necessary to rock your performance or get you a promotion.

Through my career mindset coaching, you will not only discover your authentic career, but also understand how to job-hunt and develop business strategies.

Bottom line, what really matters is CLARITY, STRATEGIES, AND the RIGHT MINDSET to get wherever you want to be in your career.

The most important fact you must know about me - I did not know what my dream career was.

In fact, I could say that in my childhood I dreamt about economics, calculations and numbers, because I thought it was a career that would bring me money. Yes, I was money hungry. I won’t say I started from the bottom, but I did come from a lower-income family and definitely didn’t have any career mentors. I was taught the ultimate key to success was hard work and good grades. So, I did all I thought I had to do: got good grades, great GPA, one of the 100 best MBAs according to Financial Times.

And then, truth hit me hard. I did not enjoy my MBA major. My first job was in Strategic Management launching new products and I was really miserable: toxic environment, lack of empathy and no room for personal development. In hindsight, I’m really thankful for all of the stress and confusion I felt early on as I quit only after 3 months.

Actualy I saw it. I was lucky enough to have that mindset and say NO to a good salary and well-renowned company. From an early age, I was involved in NGO work and got to know the field of Human Resources. So, after my HR consulting job in Slovenia, I did a short HR NGO project in Egypt and later on pursued my career in India working for one the biggest tech companies. India was a changing point in my life.

Every single move led me closer toward my true calling: helping others create authentic careers. Career clarity is a journey. I was smart enough to know that a good salary is not my career success indicator, so I pursued fulfillment. And HR was my fulfillment, from recruitment to people development. I have worked through all HR fields in various industries: fintech, e-commerce, edutech, pharmaceuticals.

Then something amazing happened, I realized I was helping people around me in three different countries to understand what their gift is and how to create a career from them. I had that “aha” moment. It took me a few months to realize the area of fulfillment and where to start. Therefore, after a year in India, I opened my coaching company and I have been helping people create authentic careers for the last 5 years.

Since then I helped more than 100 people create authentic careers and fulfillment through mindset shifts, change of job, increased performance, promotion to a managerial role or starting a business. You can have it all without a fancy degree, wealthy family and connections. You can create your career around your fulfilment and I will help you do it successfully.

Why work with me

I have been there and I know how it is. It took me 10 years to reach my 101% fulfillment. I took loans, invested more than 20k EUR in my education to finally understand who I am and what my dream career is. Now you can do it with me in only 3 months. Beyond my experience and the success stories of my great clients, I am professionally certified per ICF competences and I have the credibility to help you.


Facts about me

I have lived on 3 continents and visited more than 40 countries.

I have worked with people from 5 continents.

I speak English and a bit of Spanish.

My biggest strength is active listening and showing you the angles of yourself you cannot see

My biggest weakness is administration.

I love animals and I have a mini maltese – Maza.

I live in Europe and like to spend the summer months on the beach.

I love to read philosophy, Russian literature and neuroscience.

My career fulfillment is to help you create your dream job.

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Turn your calling into a dream career

I will help you gain career clarity, shift your mindset and create a fulfilled life