Gain career clarity

697 $

12 Weeks

have a feeling that you are in the jungle of information and you do not have a career clarity?

are dreaming of doing a purposeful job and earning what you want?

are interested in a promotion and a managerial role, but do not have a clue how to accomplish it?

This program will help you gain career clarity through personal development and mindset shift.

You do not know what's your next career step?

This program will help you gain career clarity through personal development and mindset shift.


You will explore your potential and realize your dream career.

In the first part of the program you will work on your MINDSET – explore your behavior patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs. You will work on values, identity and vision.
In the second part of the program focus is on CAREER CLARITY – your potential, interests, authenticity, passions and defining your career path and profession.
This program will hell you not only gain career clarity, but also integrate action steps in your daily life.


This group coaching program is for you if:

I will help you create a fulfilling career and life.

Early bird price 497 $

Until 15.11.2021.

I will help you create a fulfilling career and life.

Eadrly bird price 497 $

Until 15.11.2021.

What will you gain from this program?

Career clarity.

here is how

What will you gain from this program?

Career clarity.

here is how

4 group coaching sessions through 8 weeks

Detective investigation of your behavior patterns

Authentic strategy of thinking / base of your personality


Focus and resilience

Change limiting beliefs

Personal boundaries

Values and vision

My potential, competency and attributes

Interests and passions

My successful strategies

Connection with yourself


Defining career clarity and path

Creation action steps

2 individual sessions

The 1 on 1 session is used exclusively for integration of actions steps.

This is why we have two 1 on 1 sessions during your third month, so you can integrate actions steps.

You choose where you lack support in order to implement your career path in your daily life.

Online coaching program

The program is held online through Zoom.


Who am I?

I am Jovana. I have been working in different aspects of the Human Resource Industry for the last 10 years. Moreover, I created hundreds of employee career development plans for companies in the US, Latin America, South- East Asia and Europe. In the last 5 years, I become the number one lover of coaching and since then, I have experienced a 360-degree change in my life. I have been working with people eager to get a promotion, pivot industry, discover their true dream life or simply create career transition aligned with their personality and authenticity. I have helped 115 women to gain career clarity and switch mindset, so they could achieve a career goal they want.

What all of my clients achieved after the program?

here are their stories...

I met Jovana through business coaching workshops. Then, when I decided to start coaching sessions, she was my personal and career/business coach. I can say that my collaboration with her always had positive outcomes. Jovana is a very dedicated coach and a great professional. She has extensive coaching knowledge and various coaching techniques, it is easy for her to find the one that will give the best results in each situation. I really enjoyed all our sessions and I look forward to future collaboration.



“Jovana helped me understand my strengths and gain career clarity. I developed my path toward the position of Chief Operating Officer. We work extensively on mindset, skills and career potentials, so I increased my self-confidence and negotiated a better position and salary.”



I had a great experience working with Jovana. She is a professional and a very dedicated career coach. With her help, I managed to see myself from different angles, find the career answers I needed, discover the causes of my weaknesses, and start translating them into forces. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone seeking to advance in their career and life.



here are their stories...

video testimonials...

Turn your calling into a dream career

I will help you gain career clarity, shift your mindset and create a fulfilled life