Live the life

Is it really possible to have smart, happy and satisfying lifestyle in every aspect of our lives?

How do we know we are doing what we want since we were kids?

In which moment exactly shall we change our goals and when shall we perceive our biggest wishes and desires?

They say: “Go strong or go home”. Is it really like this in reality? Or, is reality just the matter of our current state of mind?

However, this life is all about CREATING OUR OWN PATH. But how can we do that?

We shall learn how to recover of an unsatisfying experience, failure or fear. We have to learn how to overcome our biggest fears and learn how to be superheroes of our own lives.

How do we get stuck in one place?

We do something. We fail. We fail. We get stressed. We get dissociated. We start our new addiction. It can be internet, food or anything else. But it is something we do not have control over and we feel lost. Addiction takes us to the feeling of grumpiness. We become lonely, we do not care about anyone else and we make other people miserable. And finally we PAUSE. What kind of pause is that?

It is a pause in ALL YOUR DESIRES. DREAMS. PROGRESSES. Then we lose a joy of life.

The fear of failure and fear of not being satisfied with our current decisions and goals make us have the fear of… LIVING THE LIFE.

And then we stop caring about dreams and goals. We stop DREAMING.

How could we get back to the right trail?

  1. Let the time do the math, controlling it precisely
  2. Reflect on your past
  3. Find a passionate thing do start perceiving it
  4. Start reading about interesting topics and learn new stuff
  5. Create new passionate goals
  6. Practice yoga

Or talk to me as your professional coach to help you get back to your true reality and excel the beauty of life.

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Yours Jo

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