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I met Jovana through business coaching workshops. Then, when I decided to start coaching sessions, she was my personal and career/business coach. I can say that my collaboration with her always had positive outcomes. Jovana is a very dedicated coach and a great professional. She has extensive coaching knowledge and various coaching techniques, it is easy for her to find the one that will give the best results in each situation. I really enjoyed all our sessions and I look forward to future collaboration.


Technical project manager

“Jovana helped me understand my strengths and gain career clarity. I developed my path toward the position of Chief Operating Officer. We work extensively on mindset, skills and career potentials, so I increased my self-confidence and negotiated a better position and salary.”


Chief operational officer


Jovana is a very dedicated, highly committed and hardworking person, working with her has been a real satisfaction. Together we have been going through the Coaching Academy, practising Coaching tools and sessions. Our group remained active after the training, so we have been doing numerous excellent Coaching sessions together. Jovana is a great Coach; during the session she uses different tools and systems of methods essential for the activities in our area. Her mild temperament, great communication skills and patience generate additional confidence with each Coachee. I also appreciate the fact that she possesses a lot of creative ideas, tailors her Coaching styles according to the needs of the participant in the conversation. I would recommend Jovana as a great Coach.


Sales development manager

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I appreciate the information, coaching and advice you have given to me to reach my career potential. Additionally, you helped me a lot to create a professional CV. Thanks, Jovana! You’re the best!



Jovana helped me improve my CV, LinkedIn and land my dream job. She nailed my job-hunting strategy and I increased my salary by 20%.



Jovana showed me how to get answers on my career confusion and how to achieve my career goals. I would highly recommend her methodology. She is a great and experienced coach. I’m looking forward to our next projects.



Coaching with Jovana helped me develop my interpersonal skills and gain career clarity. I realized I do not want to continue my career at the current company, but rather start my own story. Soon after our coaching sessions, I founded my company, and I was never happier in my career.



Career coaching sessions with Jovana helped me increase productivity and performance. After each conversation, I succeeded to integrate change through creative action steps. I enjoyed the process and (quite easily) I succeeded to increase self-confidence and communications skills necessary for my day to day job.



I had a great experience working with Jovana. She is a professional and a very dedicated career coach. With her help, I managed to see myself from different angles, find the career answers I needed, discover the causes of my weaknesses, and start translating them into forces. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone seeking to advance in their career and life.



Jovana helped me understand my truthful authentic career and pivot to another industry. I enjoyed each and every session as I got a chance to know myself better. I would recommend everyone looking for a fulfilling career to sign up for Jovana’s career mindset coaching program.


Financial Manager

I was advancing fast in my career and did not have suitable leadership skills necessary for the position I was promoted into. I was scared, with lack of self-confidence, so I was struggling how to proceed and keep up with expectations. Jovana was very patient and inspiring. She helped me understand myself and develop interpersonal and leadership skills. I nailed my next performance review. I would heartily recommend Jovana to everyone who wants to increase performance and shine at their appraisal review.


IT Manager

At a certain point I was not sure what I wanted in my career and life, as I lost my purpose. I was wondering what my next career step shall be, where could I find myself and earn decent money. Jovana’s career mindset coaching program changed my life, helped me understand my authentic career and how I can create a passive source of income.



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