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All the people in this world experience tidal stream of motivation. It‘s simply influencing you as flow and impelling with your energy, passion, feelings, behaviors, actions… Ultimately it’s untidiness with your spirit, inspiration and empowerment.

Every day you wake up wanting to be the best version of yourself. It’s in the human beings nature to want success, glory, positive change, impact and finally to make dreams reality!!! However this path entails of many adventures, challenges, failures and consequently you get scared, frightened and just step back. Eventually you never discover beauty of your dreams.

“WHY”.  Why this happens? Why you procrastinate, delay or never step up towards your long dreamed goals?

I found a secret key in tidal stream of motivation.

Why Tidal Motivation?


Its stream encourages you to wake up inspired, encouraged and motivated to create actions towards your wildest ambition. However as soon as tidal stream discontinues as a natural pattern, next thing you are aware of is that you are kicked down and everything sucks. So subsequently you are lame, disappointed and sad about yourself and your behaviors. Furthermore, willingness is lost and you just give a way whole idea, plan and finally your life dream.

A tidal stream of motivation comes and goes, it is very natural fragment of everyone’s life. So when it happens, you have to utilize it to create greatness of your engagements and when it discontinues you should learn how to battle against, overcome it and empower yourself. My belief is that you can succeed only if you fail, so it reasonably makes sense to be demotivated occasionally. But those times, when you are confronting the lack of Tidal stream are crucial as you are essentially creating best version of yourself.

Hence, I am recommending you my six tips that can help you battle lack of tidal stream, get inspired and keep moving toward the craziest, wildest and incredible dreams:

1. Listen your favorite songs. Even though they are sad. Give yourself few moments of desolation but do not transform it in day. The next ‘must’ is to play motivational songs which inspire your to be empowered. Here are few of my examples:


Why do we fall?

The psychology of self-motivation

Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life and Leadership


2. Create your motivation. Write quotes, surround yourself with people that motivate you, discover your inner passion, meditate, start exercising, travel – do your special thing, which make you inspired.

3. Reflect on your previous success. Think about your actions and what made you be here today. Think positively, define your key strengths and isolate weaknesses that made you feel demotivated.

4. Write down. Usually your thoughts are messed up, so if you write it all down it will make more sense and you will be able to get to know more about yourself.

5. Define and redefine new goals – realistic ones. Stay focused and create goals for every week and month. Keep tracking your progress and motivated with reachable goals.

6. Go out and have fun. During those times we want space for ourselves but what we actually need is entertaining and meeting new people.


Shall you allow one day without tidal stream and give up on your dreams? I do not think so! You are fighter, dreamer, achiever and you can turn impossible to possible. Never forget that today’s professionals were one day amateurs.

Do no waste your time due to lack of tidal motivational stream. Instead utilize it and create greatness.

Share with me what do you do when tidal motivational stream is absent and how do you motivate yourself again? Do you find my tips meaningful?

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